Your Privacy is our Top Priority

Just like you are essential to us, your privacy is equally important. Due to this reason, we ensure that top-notch protection and management are provided for all the information collected from our website. This privacy policy describes how Design Crews uses the information received by us when you are using the website. We go above and beyond to provide unparalleled protection and ensure that all personal information of visitors on the website is accurate, secure, and confidential.

The Privacy Policy can change from time to time, so we recommend going through the privacy policy after equal intervals so that you are aware of any changes.

Information Collection

Any information collected on our website is 100% covered under this privacy policy. Personal information may be required from people on the website, including their name, address, and birth date. However, this will not be necessary if the website is casually being browsed. Personal information will only be required upon striking an action such as a purchase. Contact forms on the website will ask for your name, address, email, phone number, etc. This information is strictly kept confidential.

Our website uses such information along with cookies to track the website’s visitation information. Cooking is small chunks of communication built into your cell phone or computer and sent to the browser to help remember it. Safe and secure tools such as Google Analytics are also used to track non-personal information to educate ourselves about customer tendencies and habits. Users are given the option of declining the use of cookies.

Purpose of Information Collection

The collected information is strictly used for internal marketing purposes. The data will be collected from you via specific actions, such as when you sign up for a newsletter or fill out a general contact form. The information we collect helps in achieving the following:

It allows us to constantly improve our service in responding to your queries regarding information on our company and services. Depending on the feedback you provide us, we can improve ourselves. In addition, using your personal information, such as emails, we can email our newsletters to you. It will keep you updated regarding our services or any other industry-related news.

Furthermore, information such as phone numbers will be used to call you and follow up on you. This information is susceptible, and we make sure that all necessary precautions and protections are taken to protect this information. The retention period for the data is not fixed. We may hold the data for as long as the purpose is completed or a relevant contract with us has not expired. Moreover, this information is not at all sold to third-party providers. It is our top priority as we believe in maintaining complete transparency with visitors on our website. It’s just a sign of our efforts to maintain trust with visitors on the website and provide them with the best possible experience.

How is your data protected?

To counter security loopholes and any vulnerabilities, the website is scanned after short intervals to ensure that the personal information of visitors on the website is not compromised. The personal information is safely stored behind a set of secured networks, making it impossible for outsiders to bypass it. Access is only available to special people who are also required to keep the access information extremely confidential. Any credit information provided to us via the website, along with transactions, is processed through a secure gateway so that any financial information is not breached. 

Third Party Disclosure

The data collected from our website that may help in personal identification is not sold, traded, or transferred to any third parties until and unless the users are provided with advance notice. This statement does not include third-party web hosting partners or others that help us in operating the website. In addition to the above, we are bound to release the data if it complies with the laws of the state or to protect other rights, property, or safety. Apart from this, our website may include third-party services. However, these third-party sites do not fall under our privacy policy and have their own independent privacy policies. We, therefore, hold no responsibility on their behalf for the content or activities of such sites.

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