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Is it truly that important for my brand to have a logo?

Yes! Having a logo design for your brand is crucial in today’s age as it gives your brand a unique identity, helps it stand out from its competition, and grants your company a professional look in the industry.

And that is where our Logo Design Company comes in – we are here to create the perfect logo for your brand to help you impress your customers and attract potential clients with it.

Will you be willing to incorporate my ideas for the logo?

Of course, it is your logo, after all. We will listen intently to all the ideas you have to enhance your company’s brand image. All of your ideas for the logo will be welcome and can surely be incorporated into the final product as well once you discuss them with our designers in detail.

How long does it take to develop a logo design?

It takes somewhere between 2-3 business day to develop the first set of logo samples from scratch. However, this time is only guaranteed once all the brainstorming is done and all the details are sorted out.

So, it can take a week or two, or even more if there are multiple revisions requested by the customer or if it is taking too long to decide on how the final product should turn out.

Besides, to create the perfect logo, Logo Designing Surrey will do its best to carry out the process at a slow and steady pace to ensure the best results.

Will you change the logo design if I don’t like it?

Sure, we can edit the logo as you wish. Our top priority is to make sure that our customers are satisfied with the product and that the Logo Design Ideas presented by us see eye-to-eye with your wishes!

What if I just want some polishing done to my already-made logo design?

That too can be done. Our Logo Design Company isn’t just focused on creating logo designs, we also welcome all clients who require professional touch-ups or editing done to their old logos. Once you give us your thoughts and requirements for an improved logo, we can create some samples for you to choose your newly renovated logo design.

Can I still work with you if I’m out of the station?

You certainly can! We, at Logo Design Agency Vancouver, fully welcome all customers who want to approach us from out of the city. We already have many happy clients who deal with our logo designing services online.

Will the copyright stay with you once the process is finalized?

Nope, the logo will be yours. Once you choose your desired logo and are wholly content with the final product, all rights will be yours.

Precisely, how much do you need to know to design the perfect logo?

We will need to know all about your company, its message, and purpose, and its target audience. Your favorite fonts, colors, and general expectations of the logo design will also be helpful. We should also know about your specific competitors to make sure that we create the perfect logo design for you to stand out from them.

Other than that, it can be helpful if you would show us some logos that you find appealing; this will allow our designers at Logo Designing Surrey to understand the type of logo you desire. You should surely tell us if you want to add text to the logo as well.

Can I see a few samples before officially asking you to design my logo?

You 100% can, we realize the importance of proving our work’s quality and worth as professional logo designers to gain the full trust of your dear customers.myed We will provide you with some samples of our previous logo designing projects. Once you are satisfied with our work, we can move towards signing a contract and start working to generate the ideal logo for our brand.

Can you fit the logo design to attract my target audience?

Yes, that will be one of our main goals from the beginning of the logo design process. The logo designers at our Logo Design Company understand the significance of a good logo and how it should be eye-catching towards its target audience.

Once you help us evaluate your target audience perfectly, creating the right logo to grasp your potential customers’ attention should be easy to follow from there!

What are the type of files that you provide?

Logo Designing Surrey provides high-resolution Ai, PDF, ESP and JPG files that are ready to be printed or any other meida. As soon as the logo design has been finalized and approved by you, we will hand over the files to you where you can size them however you want without compromising the quality even a little bit.

How does the payment process go?

Well, the process mainly goes according to the length of the project, its scope, and the amount of work that may be required for it. Once we will have discussed all these details with you, the price will be set before our designers will officially start working on the logo.

This is when you will have to submit a deposit that will be somewhere between 50%; this will be a part of the total payment.