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Emerging Trends in Graphic Designing

Keeping up with the latest trends of any industry is important to stay ahead of the curve. In a creative industry such as graphic designing, trends are rapidly moving in and out and are changing faster than one can anticipate. Things start looking outdated sooner than one would expect. Given the backdrop, it becomes critical to explore the ongoing trends to stay put in the industry.
In this post, we summarize a few emerging trends of 2019 in the graphic design industry.

Popping and Vivid Colors

It is not easy to grab the attention of an audience when 1.8 billion pictures are uploaded on the internet every single day. So, companies are now avoiding the use of muted colors and shifting towards loud and bright colors to get spotlighted. This is because vivid colors look fantastic on high-definition devices. Also, using gradients or “color transitions” and duotones have become a secret formula lately. Going forward, gradients would be used in more than just simple backgrounds and unique ways would emerge eventually. We are already witnessing these trends being incorporated by larger brands such as Stripe, Spotify and Instagram.

Custom Typography

Brands are investing heavily in creating custom typefaces which have two distinct advantages. It is helping them stand out from the crowd and also save millions of dollars in font licensing. Recently, Netflix and BBC joined Apple, Google, Samsung and YouTube among others in the list of companies in using custom typefaces.

Bigger and Bolder Fonts

In this era of the shrinking attention span of readers, it is critical to get noticed by users instantly through better fonts and colors. Bigger and bolder fonts which are simple and readable have taken centre stage in plenty of designs lately. They aid in bringing the strength and individuality of a brand to the forefront. Plus, they allow seamless reading on mobile screens and across other devices.

Three-dimensional Designs

Flat designs are slowly fading out, and three-dimensional elements are being used by designers today. 3D designs are being used in fonts as well as in representations of elements and objects. The focus is slowing moving to multidimensional designs as it brings a real-life representation of what is showcased.

Minimalism in Colors and Navigation

In the era of mobile surfing, a changeover has been noted towards minimal and mostly hidden navigation elements. The focus is moving towards creating meaningful designs which keep the attention focused on the main element, i.e. on the product or the idea being sold. The key is to avoid distraction and clutter. Modern minimalism is rallying towards color, creativity and futuristic designs.

Domination of An Authentic Imagery

Use of stock photos is no longer in style. The trend is moving towards the use of more authentic images. Readers are interested in the real-life stories of the users of the products and services. This has been successfully showcased by companies like Daniel Wellington and Pura Vida who have used authentic imagery to create multi-million dollar brands. Even though such images are less polished, they are working wonders as users continue to look for visual stories which add to the narrative.
Another emerging trend is the increased use of hand-drawn imagery. Sourcing hand-drawn imagery that is personalised to the brand is tough, but the efforts help to stand tall above other brands. It also takes the content to the next level and creates a feeling of personal reach among the users.

Futuristic Designs and Unique Layouts

Designs and layouts play a huge role in making a brand outshine its rivals. Brands have begun using a blend of vivid patterns and colors with futuristic designs to create never seen before work of art. Asymmetric designs made by combining geometric shapes with other popular design elements are replacing old and generic symmetric designs. Designers are no longer afraid of experimenting with their work to create something fresh and never seen before.

Final Words

The design industry is an ocean of unexplored goodness and making the most of the dynamic trends it encompasses can take your brand places. The successful implementation of any graphic design project largely depends on the skills of the web design agency you choose.
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