Does your Business Need a Brochure?

Business Brochure
Recent advancements in technology have made most companies focus on online marketing. While websites and social media should be an integral part of every marketing plan, you can’t neglect offline promotion tools.
Brochures are an offline marketing method that can add credibility to your company. Adding them to the mix will secure that you maximize your customer base and increase your revenue.

What Is a Brochure?

A brochure is a promotional document used to distribute the information about your company to potential customers. Two most common types of brochures are:

Tri-fold brochure (single-sheet document printed on both sides and folded into thirds)

Bi-fold brochure (single sheet document printed on both sides and folded into halves)

Brochures are a good way to expand your customer base and increase the reputation of your company. Here are some reasons why having a business brochure is worth your while:

The Advantages of a Business Brochure

Increase Brand Awareness – brochures will significantly increase your brand recognition. Imagine this – a potential client finds your brochure on the windshield of his car and takes it home. Once he needs a service you are providing, he doesn’t need to go through the trouble of searching your website. He simply takes your brochure and looks at your contact information.

Eye-Catching Design – brochures are colorful and offer flexible design. You can choose the concept of each area and the placement of graphics and text. If you are not an expert in designing and marketing, hire a professional to get the best results from your business brochures.

Easy to Distribute – brochures are compact and ideal for placing on doors and windshields. You can also hand them out to passers down the street or visitors in the local mall.

Saves Time – if a customer asks for more info about your products/services, you can offer him a brochure. You can also include it with your sales material or mail them out to potential customers.

Why You Should Hire a Professional Service to Design Your Brochure

Some business owners think that they have solid computer and designing skills and that hiring a professional to design their brochure would be a waste of resources. However, top-notch marketing material will have much more success with the clients, so it is definitely a good move to invest in a professional-looking business brochure.

Here are some of the reasons why you should trust a professional to design your brochure:

Professionals know all the tricks of the trade – a visual expert knows plenty of tricks how to make your brochure look more attractive. They might suggest using different effects on pictures and fonts that will add to a professional and elegant look of your brochure.

Professionals know all effective and trendy design layouts – designers can suggest which layout you should use or where to place fonts or pictures to create the maximum effect. They know where you should place your most popular products to attract potential clients.

Professionals are not expensive – contrary to popular belief, hiring visual designers is pretty affordable. What you want to look for is a company that has skilled and experienced designers. That way you can get the best value for money and rest assured that they will create the best possible business brochure for your company.

Final Words

A brochure with high-quality content and professional design can become an essential part of your marketing plan. Hiring a professional service to design your brochure will help you make it look more appealing. That will secure a bigger reach and turn the brochure into an invaluable marketing tool that can increase your revenue.
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