Emerging Trends in Graphic Designing

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Keeping up with the latest trends of any industry is important to stay ahead of the curve. In a creative industry such as graphic designing, trends are rapidly moving in and out and are changing faster than one can anticipate. Things start looking outdated sooner than one would expect. Given the backdrop, it becomes critical to explore the ongoing trends to stay put in the industry. In this post, we summarize a few emerging trends of 2019 in the graphic design industry. Popping and Vivid Colors It is not easy to grab the attention of an audience when 1.8 billion pictures are uploaded on the internet every single day. So, companies are now avoiding the use of muted colors and shifting towards loud and bright colors to get spotlighted. This is because vivid colors look fantastic on high-definition devices. Also, using gradients or “color transitions” and duotones have become a secret formula lately. Going forward, [...]

Why hire a logo designing agency?

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The quality of a logo often reflects the class of services provided by the associated brand. Moreover, since the world is only becoming more competitive than ever, it has become challenging to sustain businesses over longer periods without continuous marketing. Marketing great products and services are only possible through a distinct brand image and the only road to a successful brand is a great logo. A logo which becomes the face of the business for the longest periods of time and may remain so for generations. Logos are a visual aid that makes your brand travel places. They build an identity for your business and also instil a higher recall value among customers. For your brand image to impress such a deep-rooted impact on the minds of your customers – you almost always have only one chance to get it right. Hiring a professional agency to design the logo of your business is an investment [...]

Does Your Business Need a Brochure?

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Recent advancements in technology have made most companies focus on online marketing. While websites and social media should be an integral part of every marketing plan, you can’t neglect offline promotion tools. Brochures are an offline marketing method that can add credibility to your company. Adding them to the mix will secure that you maximize your customer base and increase your revenue. What Is a Brochure? A brochure is a promotional document used to distribute the information about your company to potential customers. Two most common types of brochures are: Tri-fold brochure (single-sheet document printed on both sides and folded into thirds) Bi-fold brochure (single sheet document printed on both sides and folded into halves) Brochures are a good way to expand your customer base and increase the reputation of your company. Here are some reasons why having a business brochure is worth your while: The Advantages of a Business Brochure Increase Brand Awareness – [...]